Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hello World

So I'm gonna start this blog up with a bit of complaining. I'm currently doing my master's thesis, in Marketing Management, and just now, halfway through the course, I have written 3000 words. That really isn't much, but its not the lack of words that annoy me, its the lack of interest and motivation that I've grown accustomed to since the start of this year. Short version of the story is: I had a good thesis topic, but I didn't get funded to do it (and can't afford it), my visa to NZ took a while and only after I got (re-)settled in NZ did I pick a different topic. One which I wasn't really interested in, but I had to pick something cuz I'd be late otherwise. Hence my lack of motivation. Use of GIS in City Retail Planning, or something. I could probably write the whole thing in a month or two, I just can't get myself to do it. Cuz it isn't what I wanted. Thesis sucks.

Moral: If you don't want to do something, don't force yourself into it cuz it probably won't work out!

So that's my education, I am however more interested in programming, which is what I do in order to pay my bills. Software development for startup businesses, for researchers (as research assistant), and private tutor for tertiary education students. I did graduate with a Bachelor of Commerce in Information Science (and Marketing Management), but I have always enjoyed coding. I'm currently learning (and tutoring) Java/Eclipse based Android development. I'm trying to learn iPhone development but Apple seems to like putting barriers.

I am not a mac guy. Never was, never will be. People ask me why I'm so against Apple. I often ask myself the same question. Seeing as I own and like an iPhone (Jailbroken) some may think I contradict myself. To which I respond "Its Jailbroken, therefore doesn't belong to Apple." which to some extent is true. Apple can't control what tweaks or utilities I put on my phone or whether or not I wanna SSH into it or just browse through the system's directories. Apple is a bureaucracy, and I don't like those. Back to iPhone development, I have to use a Mac OS, to develop (well at least run the emulator). I cannot install the Mac OS on my HP, cuz they don't want you to. I'm trying to do that now using a virtual machine, but I need an OSX DVD. Don't get me wrong, I know they have a STRONG brand, which is why everyone defends them, and their hardware isn't that bad either, but I don't like to be forced to use the software like they want me to! I do not want to use, or see the Stocks app in my iPhone, but my only option to hide it is to throw it into one of those lousy 12-item folders, and/or chuck it away into a far away springboard page. That sucks, and Apple SHOULD already know that. I assume u get that I appreciate Apple to some extent, but after that its all hatred! They're not all bad, but I think they are more aesthetic than functional. Aesthetic is important, but to me, I'd rather have a piece of shit that works well, than an expensive posh device which doesn't do what I want it to do (and what it should be able to)! Their laptop designs are good, the keyboard stood out to me, cuz unlike my HP, you can't get hairs and dust in between the keys. The battery power is quite good as well. NOT the case with the iPhone. But I've gotten used to it, like Apple wants me to.

But I do like the iPhone. Mine specifically cuz I have customized it and made it more user friendly and less Apple-like (including hiding the logo with a silicon case, and the boot-logo with a Green Pois0n skull. I guess I'm gonna talk about the iPhone a bit on this blog. Quick TODO here: I wanna talk about what apps I've got on the phone, both Appstore and Cydia, and I also want to talk about the backing up of the phone in order to be able to "restore", update, jailbreak, and then (actual) restore, so that my iPhone has everything that it had before the "restore" (given the Cydia stuff has been updated). "Restore" is in quotations because it is Apple's definition of the word. "Restoring" doesn't really restore your phone to how it was when you got it, so they should picked another term. Actually it does restore correctly (my apologies) its just that it only allows you to restore if you update to the latest software, which unjailbreaks u, and then you have to go through the hassle of actually backing up the whole device. But I'll leave that for next time.

IF, and I am highly suspicious about this, ANYONE reads this, please let me know your opinions, about this post and its contents, and about future posts. Anything you'd like me to discuss or share my view on. I think my main focus would (currently) be my thesis, iPhone, and software development. New technology developments and computer/electronic/internet trends interest me as well, so those areas are encouraged if you've got anything specific. Anything goes however.

Have a good day or night, wherever you are, whoever you are.
Its been a pleasure.

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  1. I never read the entire post before as I was doing two things at once recall. But now I have it was actually quite entertaining :) do you find your thesis more interesting now that you are more into it? Sorry for the not so exciting post but I thought you needed a comment. I also keep meaning to ask you what does Cydia do? I haven't used it yet... I just use the installous thing you put on my phone which is super cool. I know you told me about Cydia but I don't remember so please re-explain