Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'll just wait for the iPhone 5GS

Occasionally I'd show off an iPhone app to a friend and end up getting into a conversation about how the iPhone is actually not that bad, and then I recommend that they buy one (and jailbreak, cuz its not worth it without jailbreaking). People who I think should be allowed to not own an iPhone are: those who can't afford it, those who wouldn't fully utilize it ("all I need is to text"), or those who have (or plan to have) a different phone which satisfies their needs/wants/requirements. But some people, like some of my friends will give me another excuse when I suggest buying one. They like it, they think its worth it, they would probably make good use of it BUT they are going to wait for the NEW ONE to come out! That pisses me off. OK it is excusable when the producer announces that the new product is going to be in the market in a short while, but not excusable when the iPhone 4 has been in the market for just a couple of months. Technology is continuously changing, people should understand that unless they are dirty rich they will not always be able to be on to the latest model. Its just not feasible, both financially and practically I think.

People hear rumors about the iPhone 5 or 4S or whatever it is, and then decide they are going to wait for the new model because its going to be better. OF COURSE IT IS! (Well, usually...) But you are just not going to keep up with it unless you are a real fanatic or a real rich bas***d. Or you are sponsored for research or something. If you are getting sick of your phone, and want to buy a new one, and the CURRENT iPhone (or any other phone for that matter) fits your requirements, and the (date of) release of the next model is not definite yet, then buy the phone! Make it yours, get used to it, and make the most out of it, cuz otherwise you are stuck in a loop and all you've got is your piece of shit Nokia 6680, and whenever a new model is released you think you'll wait it out for the next better one!

The Nokia 6680 was me actually. I had it for 6 years, but I wasn't waiting for the new technology. I was short of funds true, but the reason I didn't upgrade is that I didn't need to at the time. Also I didn't really like the available options. After a while though I needed a "smarter" phone/device. Email (using wifi as it is cheaper) was my main thing, and I could have gotten any of the numerous options available from Nokias to other wifi enabled devices but the need wasn't that great. Also I have grown attached to my 6680, its fallen of my balcony, from the car window, into the swimming pool, been through several washing machine cycles, many many high impact drops, and the only repair I have ever done to it in the 6 years is pick it up from the floor and put it back together into one piece, or turn it off and dry it with a towel and leave it to dry up for a while. Plus I changed the battery once. Bloody reliable if you ask me, and the thought of me being able to handle an iPhone without damaging it was quite unthinkable. But the need for the device grew and the features and applications increased and I had some savings so I got the iPhone 4. 6 months now, still not a scratch. I believe I'm using it to its potential as much as I can, and to be frank, I don't really care when the next generation of the iPhone will be released. Its likely that I wont be upgrading anyway unless I land up with some crazy random cash.

Technology has become part of fashion. The "early adopters" are no longer the geeky tech savvy, but the rich kid who wants to show off that he's got the latest, and he doesn't even know what to do with it, can't see its power or potential.

If anyone agrees or disagrees, thinks its good to wait for the next technology, or is a person who owns (or has owned) every generation of all the iDevices, let me know! What would you tell someone who is waiting for the "next generation"?

Sometime soon I'll tell you why I like my iPhone and how (I think) I am using to its maximum potential. Maybe some app lists and reviews. Also should let you know why you should jailbreak your iPhone since it seems many people have got misconceptions. Shout out if you've got requests!

Have a good day or night, wherever you are, whoever you are.
Its been a pleasure.

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