Friday, June 10, 2011

Tweak Week Coverage - Week #2: Filippo Bigarella

The second week of the TweakWeek challenge is by FilippoBiga creator of quite a few popular and useful apps including Springtomize, SlideAway, CleverPin, FreeSync, MyVolume, FBPhotoSave, and others. For a review of the first week by Ryan Petrich check this post out.

I couldn't take a screenshot of this one since the tweak itself affects the screenshot behavior! Instead of the screen flashing in the (boring?) white color when you take a screenshot, ColorShot gives you a random flash color every time. No more monotonous screen shooting!

If you are bored with your traditional "Swipe to Unlock" this tweak might bring some change into your life. If you enjoy swiping, then you're in luck. Instead of just swiping from left to right, you do that and then swipe the slider back to the left to unlock. If you know anything about me, you should know that I really don't care for aesthetics, so I have no opinion on this. Except that swiping the slider back to the left isn't as smooth as swiping to the right.

A good tweak which allows you enter a web address (URL) in the Spotlight search text field, and when you tap the search button you are redirected to your web browser (Safari) and that URL is opened.

This tweak is a sort of security for your iPhone. When the tweak is enabled, if your phone is charging and someone pulls it away (off the charger) the burglar alarm is switched on. The tweak must be enabled to be useful and must be disabled when you want to unplug the device without the alarm sounding. Toggling the tweak can be done by an Activator shortcut such as shaking your phone.

VerticalApp ToApp
This is an animation tweak which changes the animation of switching applications. Switching apps is done through the app switcher (double click home button). The default animation is horizontal, where the new app pushes the old one out of the way from one side of the phone to the other. This tweak makes the animation vertical pushing the old screen to the bottom.

Haven't tested yet.

Private SMS
Haven't tested yet.

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