Sunday, August 14, 2011

I'm not really back

So I have been feeling a bit guilty for leaving the blog all of a sudden. Here's the thing. Last thing I was doing tweak reviews and that's when I realized I don't want to do reviews, I wanna make tweaks. So I did.
I started with trying to figure out how all this is going to work as I don't have a mac and don't want one. And everyone I asked told me not to bother. But I did figure it out, and started with a project which was probably too complicated for me as a first attempt so I stopped that and went back to my thesis. Then I thought I'd just do a really simple tweak and release it for free, just to see how it goes. I released Delete Word and got over 10,000 downloads before I woke up on the day of release. That was pretty astounding for me, so I released a paid version Delete World and have been fixing bugs and doing support since. Currently working on another tweak, which should be good but getting really busy with my thesis so not much time really to work on the tweak or to write in the blog. But when I do get time I think I will start taking requests for tweaks to release for free. I guess that'll get me some karma (and experience) and I'll release some paid tweaks in the hopes of hitting big sometime. But its fun none-the-less even if it doesn't really pay back much.
Well that was just my quick update, my break is done, and I'm now headed back to data analysis. This sucks :(
Have a good day or night, wherever you are, whoever you are.
Its been a pleasure.

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